Cot Mobiles

Cot mobiles are designed to engage newborns and infants in their cribs or the place they lie down so Mumma’s can relax while the baby enjoys by having something to look at and it also simulates their growing brain.

BabyZ has 3 mobiles but his favorite one is the wind chime that his brother, TotT made for him as a welcome gift on earth. TotT got the material for this on his @flintobox subscription and as soon as he completed it, his reaction was we can gift it to the new baby. Even when the baby was in mamma’s tummy TotT was a really excited to pass on things and make things for BabyZ

This wind chime helped totT learn about different times of the day.
In the picture you can also see an mermaid hanging which we got from @firstcryintellikit activity box. It was an easy art to make and looks lovely where ever I hang it. BabyZ loves staring at it.

I’ve hung these on my bedroom window so BabyZ can get a outside view and a lot of tummy time.

Do your kids have a favorite mobile that they love or you DIY for them? Let me know in the comments.


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