Is EC good for the baby?

All mammals are born with natural instinct to be clean. Animals never soil the place where they eat.
Every baby has a basic instinct of not soiling there diapers or clothes but because we don’t understand their cues they are trained to poop in the diaper.

So, basically we are training them to do go in diapers and then after 2-3 years we again train them to go out of diapers. So, why not do it in the first time.

Infant potty training is not all or nothing, it is a practice where even if you don’t catch a single pee or poo for a few days it is okay. The baby slowly learns that this the place I’ve to go for toilet.

Babies are quick learners and with practicing EC with them we learn with them about them. And they develop a skill to do it themselves very soon.
It is a very natural transition to the toilet.

Whenever you feel that you are having too many misses with EC just remember that there are parents out their who have to clean poopy bums and diapers everyday. I’ve always felt that after practicing it for so long I get an intuition when the baby will go.

I’ve had some negative feedbacks when I did EC, some thought I was prude because I would proudly boost of potty training totT at 8 months.
I’ve heard people say that it is your responsibility as a parent to let the baby poop in his diaper and get it changed there.

Some people say that babies don’t know when they are eliminating and it’s not required to stress them by taking to washroom again and again.

But I have to tell you peeps holding a baby over the toilet is the best time of my day. We look at each other in the mirror, the beautiful smile that he gives me, he knows my mom is trying to understand me and it’s the best bonding time we have.


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