Veg First Weaning

Children and veggies are generally never best friends but we all moms want our kids to be avid vegetable eaters. I am also in the same boat as you all moms and want my kids to eat veggies more. ⠀

Babies are born with a preference for sweet food as the breastmilk is sweet in taste. ⠀

So, babies generally prefer sweet fruits over savory tasting foods like broccoli and spinach.⠀

There’s a golden window to introduce savory flavors to babies and that is 6 months to 9 months. So if you offer these strong tastes early and often baby will develop a taste for them. ⠀

Just keep patience and persistence. Anyways, in the earlier days your baby gets most of the nutrients from breastmilk. ⠀

Some vegetables that I’ve tried with BabyZ are : ⠀

🥦 Broccoli⠀

🥔 Potato ⠀

🎃 Pumpkin⠀

🥒 Bottle Gourd⠀

🥔 Arum⠀

🥒French Beans⠀

🥔 Sweet Potato⠀

It’s been a month that I started with solids for him but still I’m not sure how much he is eating but I’m sure slowly and steadily he will start enjoying his food. ⠀


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