Water for Babies

Summers are here and you all must have heard that adults require 8-10 glasses of water everyday, but what about babies?⠀
Keeping babies hydrated has some considerations. So, how much water does a newborn to 6 month old need? ⠀
NO water.⠀
Yes, you read it right. ⠀

🤱Exclusively breast fed babies don’t need even a drop of water until 6 months of age.⠀

❌ No, they are not thirsty.

❌ No, not even in summers.⠀

❌ No, they are not dehydrated ⠀

Breast milk is 88% water and is enough.⠀
Are you still thinking that what if the baby is thirsty? 🤔⠀
What you can do is : ⠀

💦 You need to make sure that you drink a lot of yourself⠀

💦 Drink drink drink ⠀

💦 Feed baby on demand, whenever the baby wants⠀

That’s it. ⠀

No water for babies below 6 months as it can lead to⠀


😬Infections ⠀

😬Nutrition Deficiency, as baby fills up more on water and intakes less breast milk⠀
So, no water for first 6 months ⠀
I am not experienced about formula milk, but I would suggest to mix the formula according to package instructions. Don’t dilute it to make the formula last longer. It can lead to water intoxication.⠀


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