Musical Alphabet

Kids love to paint and dance and be free. They don’t want to learn phonics or alphabet. But with homeschooling, it becomes a necessity to at least keep them in touch with what was already taught in school. I try to think of some fun and easy setups because as you all know I am not a DIY mom. ⁣

Material Required : ⁣

🔠Write letters on big square pieces ( I used our alphabet puzzle because I was lazy to even cut)⁣

📱Mobile phone or Alexa to play some music⁣

How to do it: ⁣

⭕ Arrange letters in a large circle on the floor, can be in a mixed-up order.⁣

🎶 Turn on the music and ask the child to dance, join in with him for extra fun ⁣

✋When the music stops ask the child to pick up one letter from a circle⁣

👀 Let them identify the letter ⁣

🔊 Ask for the sound the letter makes if they don’t remember, help them ⁣

🗣️ Ask them to share at least one word that begins with that sound ⁣

⏭️ Continue till letters are covered⁣

We have been doing this activity a lot these days. We started with any word with that sound and slowly progressing to animal names from that sound. I am prepping him to play my favorite game Name, place, animal, thing with me. ⁣


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