Water For Tabies (6m-12m)

For the heading I searched for sometime what are babies between 6 months to 12 months called. And I found out there is term for it. Tabies. Toddler + babies.⠀

Babies before 6 months should drink only breastmilk or formula. No water, no juices, no dilution of formula, nothing else.⠀

After 6 months⠀

💦 Between 6 – 12 months restrict water intake to only meal times ⠀

💦 Try to restrict water intake apart from meal times ⠀

💦 It can be a mealtime aid to help swallow their foods ⠀

💦 Water can replace breastmilk and calories if given too much ⠀

💦 You can directly start from an open cup ⠀

✅Some exceptions ⠀

⭐If baby sweats a lot and you live in a humid place, its okay to offer water apart from meal times ⠀

⭐If baby’s pees are pale yellow, try to breastfeed more and offer water ⠀

⭐If baby is constipated, offer more water apart from mealtimes⠀

⭐⭐Note : As long as baby is feeding well and gaining weight, he is unlikely to get dehydrated. ⠀

I am not mentioning quantity in ml or oz as its impossible to know how much water baby drinks and how much he spills⠀

For BabyZ we started water with a open cup at 8 months as it was winters when we started solids for him and he never showed any signs of discomfort while pooping.⠀


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