Food Aversion in kids

Honestly, the reason to start BLW with BabyZ was my elder one, TotT. He was distracted, force-fed, puree eating kid.⠀

My biggest mistake as a mom. Being a first-time mom is tough when you make the wrong choices.⠀

TotT always loved veggies, fruits, and crispy stuff. But I tried to force chapati, rice, daliya, and suji, thinking that’s what kids are supposed to eat and it led to him running away from food or asking for incentives to eat like read me a book or let me watch Peppa Pig while I eat.⠀

For some months now, I have been trying hard to keep his food aversions at bay.⠀

Some of my tips that might help some of you dealing in the same boat as me :⠀

👨‍🍳Cook together: I usually involve him in making his breakfast and let him add the veggies and mix the ingredients.⠀

🤢Not forcing him for one more bite: I don’t force him to complete everything on his plate ( it irks me than most as I cannot leave food on the plate) but now I have realized that one bite won’t be a happy one⠀

🗣️Talking to him while we eat: We talk about the activities we are going to do post-meal and how BabyZ is being silly with his food⠀

🏘️Including him in our family meals: I always fed him alone usually in a closed room so he wouldn’t run away but now he sits with us and eats⠀

❓Asking him if he is done: I always ask after a while when he is just filling up food in his mouth or not taking a bite whether he is done. If he says yes, he can go. No questions asked⠀

🍇Keeping things he loves handy: We keep fruits where he can easily reach them and as he loves snacking on fruits ⠀

👐Eat with his own hands: BabyZ has been a good motivator in this one⠀

❌No Barter: I don’t do barter with him as if you don’t eat now, no TV for you tomorrow. I know it’s not possible⠀

🙄Incentives: I offer him 10 mins of uninterrupted mobile time before meals. It is like an unsaid deal between us.⠀

✅Avoid being negative: I have stopped judging my mom’s capabilities on basis of how much he eats. ⠀


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