How to teach baby to signal for poop

When I was a first time mom I wanted to do everything perfectly for my baby, I know it’s difficult to get anything right with babies the first time. I was practicing elimination communication with TotT when he was a baby. And it was going amazingly well as he was the only one. But out of curiosity I tried teaching him to sign for poop as even though it is called Elimination Communication it is not easy to understand what a little baby want to communicate. But babies are quick learners and we can teach them.⠀

The hack is pretty easy,⠀

Make your baby sit on the potty seat when you know he is going to poop or has just pooped, and then just open and close your fists in front of him and chant “Potty Potty” ( Omg! What will my unmarried friends think of me?) Do it only when he is sitting on the potty and do it slowly and at least 20 times each time you do it. ⠀

I started doing this with BabyZ, 2-3 days back everytime I took him to washroom to poop or clean him. And yesterday while playing with TotT he signaled using that exact sign and I just rushed him to potty and he pooped.


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