How we practice infant potty training

Elimination communication is just a 2 step process : 

  1. Recognize your baby’s cues or timing
  2. Offer the potty 

That’s it.

When to start?

  • You can start since birth or a wait a few days to get accustomed to your baby
  • people get success by starting late also 

How to start?

  • Observe the baby: If you look out throughout the day, you will notice a pattern like after feeds, after naps, etc.
  • Introduces cues with sounds like psss (BabyZ makes this sound while peeing now)
  • Be consistent in your routine. 
  • Babies can be a little hesitant or not responsive when you first begin but they will get used to the new pattern.

Teaching baby poop signal 

How we do it?

  • Fixed Schedule : We always take him on fixed schedule like 
    • As soon as he wakes up in morning
    • After naps ( BabyZ is usually grumpy then so, takes time to pee)
    • Before bath
    • Before mealtimes 
  • According to his cues or signals 
    • Baby Z since he was 8 month old has been signalling when he want to pee or poop
    • Now at 15 months he says susu or potty and we take him 
    • We always take him, even though he has peed 2 mins before 
    • It creates a trust in him that they understand me 

At 15 months, I am really happy that we took this path of practicing EC with him as we did 4 years back with my elder one. 


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