Bumpadum Review

Cloth Diapering is turning a crappy situation into a cute and fun addiction.⁣

Once you fall in love with cloth diapers, there is no turning back. I am really excited to review one of my favourite brands cloth diapers. Their diapers are famous for their beautiful prints and comfort. ⁣

I have two diapers from Bumpadum

♥️Cover Diaper with a prefold ⁣

♥️Dry Duet Diaper⁣

Cover Diaper with prefold

Cover Diaper 

  • It fits from 5-15 kgs
  • Made from waterproof laminated fabric 
  • Elastics are super gentle 
  • Dries super quickly
  • The crotch area is unbelievably trim


  • Made from unbleached organic cotton
  • It has stay-dry micro-fleece lining on one side, so baby doesn’t feel wet
  • It feels luxurious to touch
  • Needs to prepped to reach full absorbency 
  • Snap in the prefold keeps it in place

Our Experience with cover diaper with prefold: ⁣

✅I use it for BabyZ in the day time⁣

✅lasts him around 5 hours when he is awake⁣

✅I love the trim fit and it works well even if the baby is wearing pants.⁣

✅I find side snapping easier as BabyZ is wriggly.⁣

✅The prefold snap avoids any leakage from back even if baby poops in it⁣

Duet Diaper 

  • Its an All-in-one diaper with the shells and two inserts which are detachable 
  • Lined with stay-dry microfleece lining
  • Use one insert when the baby is young or for day time 
  • Use both inserts for night time 
  • Will fit babies from 3 months onwards till 3 years 
  • Inserts don’t need prep, just wash once 
  • If you like the prints you can only buy the shell.

Our Experience with Dry Duet diaper⁣

✅I use it for night time and it holds good for 10 hours ⁣

✅Potty stains wash off easily ⁣

✅I just love how soft the diaper shell feels ⁣

✅They dry super quickly. So, I will be using them a lot in the upcoming rainy season⁣

✅The fit is trim and elastics are soft on the skin ⁣


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