How to teach kids to handle books

We all want to raise readers and thinkers. Books are expensive and it is quite understandable that you want them to last. But kids are not good at handling books and often leads to tearing of books. Honestly, I get mini heart attacks when that happens. With TotT I never faced any problems with books as he was very cautious in how to use them. But BabyZ is more of a wild child and he has had more access to books than my elder one. But now at 18 months, he has perfected the art of turning pages, opening-closing flaps and sitting alone, and enjoy books. 

Try my tricks on how to teach kids how to handle books :

  • Invest in no rip books 
    • Board books
    • Cloth books 
    • Bath books 
    • They are difficult to tear apart and kids understand that books cant be teared up 
  • Don’t overwhelm them with too many books 
    • Keep 2-3 books at a reachable distance 
    • Having too many will make them lose interest
  • Develop a love for stories 
    • Make book interesting by reading to them often 
    • Modulate your voice to help them understand better 
  • Teach by example
    • Treat books well 
    • Keep them in a designated place always 
  • Be reasonable 
    • Books will show signs of wear and tear with continuous use 
    • It is normal for babies to chew on books, but you need to stop your 3-year-old from doing it
  • Have a separate reading time 
    • Don’t use books while eating or feeding the baby 
    • It confuses kids when you tell them to stop touching them with dirty hands 
  • Avoid keeping pens near books 
    • Kids see pens and crayons and want to scribble 
    • Tell them they can have separate papers fro scribbling. Books are for reading 
  • Be patient 
    • Buy books of kids interest 
    • It takes time for kids to develop a habit of handling and reading books 

I hope these tips help your kids handle books better. As I always feel that the best gift we can give to our children is books. We cannot buy hapiness but we can buy books and its almost the same thing.
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One thought on “How to teach kids to handle books

  1. My younger one had torn 2 books in last 6 months😔now I know how to avoid it.. Thanks for the great info!


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