How to become a DIY mom

Are you someone like me who has no clue on how to make a project for your kids?

Not every mom is a DIY person. But let me share with you it’s not that difficult. I was one of those moms who thought that its not my cup of tea. But once I started making them for my sons I realised that they are not that difficult to make. You just need a few things 

  • Start small
    •  Don’t take up a big project at once
    • Gain confidence by making small things
    • Start with something that takes 2-10 mins to make 
  • Don’t be afraid of mistakes
    • It is okay if your kid doesn’t like what you make 
    • Try to align the project with their interest
  • Saves a lot of money
    • Make something similar to a type of toy you are interested to buy for a kid 
    • If a kid shows interest in this type of toy, it’s a good idea to invest 
    • You can always modify according to kids interest 
  • Keep these things handy or pick them up from amazon or any local store 
  • Cardboard Boxes
    • More than 90% of the DIY’s can be made using these. 
    • Don’t throw them away 
    • Bigger the better 
    • In times of corona, quarantine them properly and sanitize and then use 
  • Scissors: 
    • Get a big one for all your cutting 
    • Small, blunt one, kid-friendly one for your kids 
  • Glue: Fevicol works best 
    • Rolls on work only good on thin paper 
    • Always use carpenters masking tape to stick on wall 
  • Crayons: Oil pastels are the best 
  • Pom poms: 
    • Mess-free sensory DIY in a jiffy
    • Can get in different sizes 
  • Velcro strips: Make pattern matching easy 
    • easy puzzles 
  • Dot Stickers:
    • Easily make any activity like color sorting 
    • Kids usually love peeling and sticking 
  • Some more items
    • Craft sticks/Ice cream sticks
    • food colors
    • washi tape 
    • earbuds 
    • Cloth clips 
    • Pipe cleaners 
    • Foil sheets 
    • Ice cube tray 
    • measuring cups and jars
    • Coloured A4 sheets

  • Instagram and Pinterest: 
    • A lot of moms to follow and they all make easy DIY
    • Always happy to help 
    • If you try their activity, give them credit 


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