Why we force feed our kids?

We parents want the best for our kids. Always. We want our kids to get optimum nutrition and for that, we try to feed them a proper and well-balanced diet. But sometimes and in a few cases, all the time parents force-feed their kids.     

But why do we do it?

  • Because our kid looks skinny 
    • All kids are different, my elder one ate more than Z because I force-fed him but he looked thinner 

People around me constantly commented that he looks thin. Even though my doctor always assured me that he is right on charts and it’s nothing to worry about and my husband and me both were skinny as kids. 

  • To finish what is served 
    • Don’t decide a fixed quantity, like a baby has to eat 2 chapatis or one full bowl 

I always used to have a big bowl of food for him and expected him to finish it in one go. Most of the times, he would give up and surrender and finish the bowl. I was in constant state of worrying whether I’m feeding him enough and whether 1 Chapati is enough or two. 

  • Not trusting the child’s hunger 
    • Let them be hungry and keep distance in their meal times.
    • Discourage grazing

I never trusted his hunger and actually never let him be hungry. Would always overfed him and that’s why he never asked for food. 

  • For introducing new foods
    • Kids are afraid of unknown
    • if you pressurize they will be more repulsed 

I would just hold him and feed him whatever I wanted him to eat. Never taking into consideration that he might or might not like the flavour or texture. 

  • Because others tell you that your kid is not eating enough
    • They don’t know how much your kid should eat 
    •  All kids eat at their pace and some eat more, some less

Everyone that I met or still meet just told me always that he looks so skinny and I don’t feed him properly. 

  • Not eating anything as the baby was not well or teething 
    • Nobody, not even adults like to eat when they are not well 

I always no matter what, even if he was not well would want him to eat some quantity either by force or by distraction.

These are the things that I was doing wrong and some of them I kept on doing even after realizing that I was doing it wrong. Convincing myself that, I’m doing my best as my kid needs to eat. But I was so wrong. 

Instead of focusing on the mentioned points. Try these : 

  • Eat with your kid 
  • Trust your baby 
  • Have patience when you are introducing something new 
  • Offer variety 
  • Keep on offering in different forms 
  • Let your kid eat to his hunger
  • Don’t compare. Some eat more, some eat less 


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