How to help kids in managing stress

After Zain crossed his 18 months mark I have noticed a sudden change in his behavior, he has become more strong-willed and he becomes more aggressive and its getting difficult to handle him at times. 

Swipe to read how to help them when they are stressed 

  • Coming down on their level
    • Trying to hold them tight and give a hug
    • Make a shush voice or hum in his ear 
    • Make them feel connected 
    • For us, Breastfeeding also works wonders. 
  • Acknowledging your child’s feelings
    • their problems are important too 
    • Don’t just shush them away making them feel small 
    • Try to understand what is troubling them 
  • Keep your phone aside 
    • give them 100% of your attention 
    • Do not give them rhymes or videos 
    • They need you not your phone 
    • Too much screen time can also lead to stress in children
  • Try to laugh it out 
    • Make a silly face or a silly joke 
    • Something that makes them laugh and forget what they were crying about 
  • Keep your calm : 
    • If you stress, your kid senses that, and they are bound to be more hysterical 
    • Acknowledge your child’s feelings 
  • Stick to schedule 
    • Maintain a daily routine 
    • Routine allows kids to feel that they are in control over what to expect 
    • Good night time routine 
  • Healthy food 
    • Cut down on sugar and sweet 
    • No junk 
    • Provide healthy homemade food 
    • Stick to a routine for food
  • Play together regularly
    • Take out everyday some time to play with them one on one
    • Follow your child’s interest while playing
    • Don’t stress over mess or always asking them to pick up

I am every day trying to work on all these steps and toddlers are sensitive to the world around them. So, we need to take care of more care about their emotions. 
#letstalk? Have you seen a change in your toddler’s behaviour recently? How are you coping with it?


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