How to introduce milk to babies

After my last post on animal milk I got a lot of queries on which milk, how much milk and obviously about my little trick.

When did we start?

  • After Baby Z turned 15 months 

Note : 

  • Animal milk is a replacement to breastmilk not the other way round. 
  • Wait till baby is 12 months to start animal milk

Which milk?

We started with buffalo milk

  • We get buffalo milk at home
  • We don’t have a personal reliable source for cow milk
  • You can start with either 

How much milk?

  • Right now I offer him 100 ml 
  • 2 times a day 
  • Breakfast 
  • Before Bed 

Note: My elder one also has milk before bed so I want to have a same routine. 

How did we start?

  • BabyZ knew how to drink water from an open cup 
  • Used the same cup 
  • Started after he started showing interest in his brother’s cup
  • He tasted it from his brother’s cup 2-3 times but didn’t drink more than a sip

Why plain milk?

  • Easily available 
  • No added sugar 
  • Babies become habitual to different tastes and if it’s not available they don’t like milk 
  • Health drinks like Pediasure do more harm than good
  • Less hassle for me than making shakes and smoothies

Little trick 

  • Add one spoon of milk to cup in which baby drinks water
  • Rest add water 
  • Water will be white in color 
  • Tastes exactly like water 
  • After a week when baby happily drinks above solution
  • Increase milk quantity and reduce water quantity
  • Go slow

It took around 1 month for BabyZ to get used to the taste of milk. Note : If you pump or use formula, you can use them instead of water.

  • Keep on offering
  • Wait for few days if baby shows discomfort 
  • Don’t force feed
  • Prefer a time when baby is happy and calm
  • Milk is not a substitute to solids 

Remember don’t fuss too much over milk. Other substitute work fine too. Just like other food I would request not to force or distract feed and let baby drink according to his choice. On how much he wants. 
#letstalk! Do you have any tips for me? 


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