Baby Clothing Tips for Winters

In India, winter can mean anything from snowfall to just a blast of chilly air!When it comes to small children most parents are confused about how to dress them as babies are more vulnerable to cold weather and they can’t express their concerns. Over the years with kids as my family is super paranoid when it comes to winters we have some tricks that I want to share.

I would also like to stress that apart from these essentials make sure baby gets time outside in sunlight and fresh air. Don’t restrict them too much inside. 

Cloth diapers 

  • As it gets colder, the baby pees more
  • Keep a good stash ready 
  • Always use a cover over the nappies so it doesn’t result in a leak
  • Change frequently 


  • Use long-sleeved body vests that have snap between legs 
  • Soft on babies skin when you put on thicker fabrics 
  • The body is always covered
  • Use them below thermal vests

Socks and hats  

  • Most important 
  • If kids have a habit of removing them for play try girls’ stockings 
  • Use a cotton hat with string for babies
  • Woolen caps only if you are stepping outside 
  • Pro tip: Don’t laugh when you put on a hat, kids think they look funny in it and don’t want to wear it

Sweaters and Jackets

  • Soft wool ones will be less scratchy and comfortable. 
  • If it’s itchy for you, super super itchy for baby 
  • A light waterproof jacket is great when stepping outside
  • Zip up and buttons are easier to remove without disturbing baby  

Moisturize and bath 

  • Keep a fixed massage, bath routine 
  • Keep water lukewarm and not hot 
  • Moisturize 2-3 times 


  • Use lightweight blankets 
  • Sleeping bags work well for small babies 
  • Don’t use heavyweight blankets (SIDS)
  • Use a fleece blanket as a bed-sheet. 

Layering is the key 

  • Makes it easier to manage their body temperature 
  • Easier to add and remove the layers 
  • Rather than changing the entire outfit 
  • Thumb rule: One layer more than mom (in our case Dad, as I don’t feel too cold)

Don’t overlayer 

  • Can cause sweating 
  • Will be uncomfortable for a baby 
  • Overheating is more harmful than a baby feeling a little cold 
  • Don’t stress too much. 
  • Kids are more resilient 

I hope we have a nice winter this time as I really love the cold weather and you all get to use all my tips.
#letstalk? What’s your favorite weather?


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