Common Worries About Newborn

Once you are back at home with your baby from the hospital, all sorts of anxieties creep in a new mom. Always remember that babies are tougher than they look. There is not much you can do to harm a baby 

  • Umbilical Cord 
    • Stays in place for around ten days 
    • Should be washed and carefully dried to avoid infection
  • Vomiting 
    • Young babies bring up some feed – Don’t worry 
    • If vomiting is forceful and occurs after every feed
      • Call your pediatrician 
  • Trapped Wind 
    • Gives rise to cramps and a lot of crying 
    • Try practicing elimination communication 
    • Massage baby’s tummy and cycling exercise
  • Loose Stools 
    • Meconium in the first few days 
    • Breastfed babies will usually have a yellow stool 
    • If the baby is suffering from diarrhea, contact penetration as the baby can get dehydrated 
  • Nappy Rash 
    • Ammonia irritates the baby’s skin 
    • Don’t use perfumes wipes or creams 
    • Best to wash baby’s bottom with water and gently pat dry 
  • Sticky eyes 
    • Quite common 
    • Gently wipe each eye with a fresh piece of cotton wool soaked in water 
  • Facial Spots 
    • Small white spots disappear after a while 
      • If they don’t consult your pediatrician or dermatologist and get checked for atopic dermatitis
  • Contact the doctor if the baby  
    • is vomiting continuously 
    • passing watery green stools 
    • starts to wheeze or develops a cough 
    • develops temperature 

The newborn phase is difficult on new moms as we are thrown into taking care of a new life and are mostly unaware of the needs of a new baby. Try to silence out the noise near you. Listen to your own heart and don’t freak out on small things. Take rest and give your body the much-needed rest. 
#letstalk! Were you worried about any of these things when you bought baby back from hospital?


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