Cloth Diapers FAQ

Cloth diapers are becoming more and more popular by the day. But still many new moms have a lot of questions and these are the top 10 questions that are asked to me. 

  1. Are they machine washable 
    • Yes
    • Run a prewash cycle before the main wash
    • Use detergent, no baby detergent 
    • No dettol 
  2. How many years will it last?
    • Two categories 
      • Newborn lasts 3-5 kgs 
      • Other lasts 5-15 kgs 
    • I never got a newborn one as we used langots with cover diapers  
  3. How many hours? 
    • I change after max 1-2 pee. 
  4. Which is best 
    • Don’t be brand-specific 
    • Buy according to your preference and choice 
    • Try to test variety while building your stash 
  5. Where to buy 
    • I always prefer buying through the brand website 
    • The new collection is easily visible 
    • All brands of CD have amazing customer support 
    • So, DM them or call them and they will help you 
  6. Is it safe 
    • Yes!! 
    • No chemicals 
    • No phthalates 
    • No perfume 
  7. Do you need to change it at night?
    • If the baby is a heavy wetter, yes 
    • If baby poops, yes 
    • you can use help inserts or buy a nighttime diaper to avoid leak  
  8. do you need to clean the poop?
    • Yes
    • Use hand shower in the pot, to knock down everything in the toilet 
  9. extra tips 
    • Always have a snug fit 
    • Don’t use diaper rash cream without liner (wash that liner separately)
    • Join the brand’s Facebook page
    • Check youtube videos to understand more about CD
    • Have enough stash if you want to exclusively cloth diaper 
    • It is a one-time investment 
    • Use discount codes 

Have you given cloth diapering a thought? Do you have any more questions. Please ask in the comments. And I will try to answer


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