Book Recommendations

 A lot of you ask me for book recommendations and I have a limited collection but I am thinking of listing down our favorite books from the month. But it will only happen if you guys show some love on this post as it took me a lot of time
My top book’s suggestions for kids age 18m+

  • Hug
    • One word book. With beautiful illustrations of a monkey wanting a hug from mom after looking at other animals for a hug
  • Zog
    • Imaginative and vivid illustrations. A book about a young accident-prone dragon, named Zog, who wants to be the best student in dragon school.
  • The day crayons quit
    • Story of a young boy who wants to color but his crayons have left him a letter saying that they quit. They all share their problems with him. 
  • A hug for Humphrey
    • Humphrey is a new toy in the playroom trying to find out what he does with the help of other toys  
  • All afloat Noah’s Boat : 
    • All animals on Noah’s are getting bored. So they put up a talent show. 
  • Paulette
    • A story of a pink dog who feels left out because of her color. 
  • why monkeys swing on trees 
    • A funny take on why monkey swing and how naughty monkeys handle the crocodile 
  • Mess monsters 
    • What happens when you don’t clean the room 
  • Puffin peter 
    • Paul and Peter are best friends but they are separated by a storm and a whale helps find them. 
  • one ted falls out of bed 
    • A teddy bear falls from the bed while sleeping with a boy, how he finds his way back with help of all the toys. Lovely play of numbers 
  • the other goose 
    • A lonely goose saves the town and gets his heart desire fulfilled 
  • Harry and the dinosaurs say raah
    • When Harry goes to the dentist with his dinosaurs 
  • mister magnolia 
    • A rhyming picture book that will keep the children hooked. A lovely book with the perfect text 
  • Pirasaurus : 
    • How the little pirasaur saves the day with a great message to unite 


•Keep 8 -10 books in a shelf at a time

•Buy books of variety

•Let the kids explore the books

•Don’t be upset if they don’t show interest

•Plan activities around the books


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