Sleep Routine for toddlers 1-2

One of the things that bother most moms is the sleep routine of their babies. I get a lot of queries asking about Baby Z’s sleep routine and what we follow. Swipe to read what works for us

We have been follow this routine since he was around 12m old I transitioned him to 1 nap.

Setting up a routine : 

  • Set a routine according to your family preferences
  • Be consistent 
  • Do not rush, it takes time 
  • Keep it flexible 
  • All days are not the same, don’t fuss too much

Massage : 

•Your baby will feel nurtured and loved • •Allow your baby to feel more relaxed, which may improve their sleep

Warm Bath 

•A baby’s body temperature starts to cool •Warm water can help to relax your baby and make him sleepy.

Peeing before bed : 

  • Make final pee part of your routine 
  • Empty bladder and bowels will help baby to sleep easily 
  • Also, recommend offering potty as soon as the baby wakes up 


  • Read favorite books and cuddle 
  • Provides a point of focus 
  • Works as a sleep cue

Our routine 

  • wake up at 8-8.30 
  • nap after a bath at 2 (while feeding) 
  • wake up at 4 
  • bath at 9
  • read
  • sleep at 10 (while feeding) 

  Flexible routine 

  • Cannot always have a fixed routine 
  • I try to be flexible according to him 
  • Like if he wakes up early in the morning, then shifting his nap time a little ahead 
  • Or if we are going to get late at night, trying for a longer nap (if I sleep close to him, he sleeps longer)

Sleep Training

  • I have honestly never understood this term
  • Babies will sleep through the night when they are ready to reach that milestone
  • Waking up in night is normal
  • Don’t stress too much


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