Sleep Routine for toddlers 1-2

One of the things that bother most moms is the sleep routine of their babies. I get a lot of queries asking about Baby Z’s sleep routine and what we follow. Swipe to read what works for us We have been follow this routine since he was around 12m old I transitioned him to 1 nap.Continue reading “Sleep Routine for toddlers 1-2”

Book Recommendations

 A lot of you ask me for book recommendations and I have a limited collection but I am thinking of listing down our favorite books from the month. But it will only happen if you guys show some love on this post as it took me a lot of timeMy top book’s suggestions for kidsContinue reading “Book Recommendations”

Educational Apps for Kids

My elder one does have limited screen time and some TV time with the family. Everybody loves cricket, Indian idol, and KBC here. So, that’s like a family routine but in his limited time where he watches the screen alone, I try to keep it educational and fun. So, this is my list of recommendedContinue reading “Educational Apps for Kids”

Common Worries About Newborn

Once you are back at home with your baby from the hospital, all sorts of anxieties creep in a new mom. Always remember that babies are tougher than they look. There is not much you can do to harm a baby  Umbilical Cord  Stays in place for around ten days  Should be washed and carefully driedContinue reading “Common Worries About Newborn”

My Distraction Feeding Journey

As a first time mom, the first meal that I gave Taha was Sooji Kheer and I sang Old McDonald for him, imitating all the animals. Techniques I used to distract feed •Sing Rhymes •Daddy played rattle •Play dough •Books •Learning toys •When nothing worked gave him,  rhymes on mobile phone He opened his mouthContinue reading “My Distraction Feeding Journey”

Baby Clothing Tips for Winters

In India, winter can mean anything from snowfall to just a blast of chilly air!When it comes to small children most parents are confused about how to dress them as babies are more vulnerable to cold weather and they can’t express their concerns. Over the years with kids as my family is super paranoid when itContinue reading “Baby Clothing Tips for Winters”

How to introduce milk to babies

After my last post on animal milk I got a lot of queries on which milk, how much milk and obviously about my little trick. When did we start? After Baby Z turned 15 months  Note :  Animal milk is a replacement to breastmilk not the other way round.  Wait till baby is 12 monthsContinue reading “How to introduce milk to babies”

Animal Blocks DIY

Taha and I were super bored one afternoon. He suggested let’s make a game for Zain. And I was super sleepy and just then Taha pulled out a sticker sheet which we had never used even though we have has them for the last 3 years. And suddenly I remembered why I bought it inContinue reading “Animal Blocks DIY”

How to help kids in managing stress

After Zain crossed his 18 months mark I have noticed a sudden change in his behavior, he has become more strong-willed and he becomes more aggressive and its getting difficult to handle him at times.  Swipe to read how to help them when they are stressed  Coming down on their level Trying to hold themContinue reading “How to help kids in managing stress”