Why we force feed our kids?

We parents want the best for our kids. Always. We want our kids to get optimum nutrition and for that, we try to feed them a proper and well-balanced diet. But sometimes and in a few cases, all the time parents force-feed their kids.      But why do we do it? Because our kidContinue reading “Why we force feed our kids?”

How to become a DIY mom

Are you someone like me who has no clue on how to make a project for your kids? Not every mom is a DIY person. But let me share with you it’s not that difficult. I was one of those moms who thought that its not my cup of tea. But once I started makingContinue reading “How to become a DIY mom”

How to teach kids to handle books

We all want to raise readers and thinkers. Books are expensive and it is quite understandable that you want them to last. But kids are not good at handling books and often leads to tearing of books. Honestly, I get mini heart attacks when that happens. With TotT I never faced any problems with booksContinue reading “How to teach kids to handle books”

How to boost concentration in kids

As we began homeschooling or whatever we are trying to do with schools shut down for time being. I am constantly seeing these messages from friends on our school groups that kids are not sitting to study or are not concentrating on even the videos sent from school. It is indeed very common for parentsContinue reading “How to boost concentration in kids”

Animal Milk for babies

Milk! ⠀⠀As soon as the baby is born people start giving tips on how to introduce animal milk. I have so many DMs asking me how to start animal milk for their babies. ⠀⠀First of all, I not a nutritionist. This post is just my take on what I think about animal milk.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀I have started offeringContinue reading “Animal Milk for babies”

Play ideas for newborns

Play is important for healthy brain development. But what can you do with your little baby? They are so little what would they understand. But these little ones are smart and they enjoy playing.⠀⠀⠀Swipe through to check the ideas your little one will like and No! you don’t need too many expensive toys!⠀