Savior food list for teething babies

Babies go through different phases in development. The worst one is when they are not eating anything.⠀⠀Some points to remember about babies are : ⠀⠀🥇all babies go through slow growth rate after the 1-year mark and hence require less food ⠀⠀😬they may be teething ⠀⠀😋babies can regulate their hunger ⠀⠀😶some kids eat more, some eat less ⠀⠀🤓you provide food, babiesContinue reading “Savior food list for teething babies”

Postpartum Problems

Our body is remarkable, it has done one of the greatest wonders, grow another human. No matter what your delivery looked like, your body has gone through a lot of trauma and it needs time to heal. ⠀⠀⠀Here I am stating some common problems all moms go through : ⠀⠀😟Sore nipples and breast : Mastitis, sore nipples,Continue reading “Postpartum Problems”

Why teach kids animal sounds ?

Cow Cow cow!⁣⁣I hear it uncountable times a day from my little one. But why do we teach about animals or animal sounds to kids?⁣⁣⁣Animals have been a go-to teaching tool in children’s books for centuries. Most of the kids’ books are animal stories : ⁣⁣It helps in :⁣⁣🐄Building vocabulary: The sounds are simple forContinue reading “Why teach kids animal sounds ?”

Bumpadum Review

Cloth Diapering is turning a crappy situation into a cute and fun addiction.⁣⁣Once you fall in love with cloth diapers, there is no turning back. I am really excited to review one of my favourite brands cloth diapers. Their diapers are famous for their beautiful prints and comfort. ⁣⁣I have two diapers from Bumpadum⁣♥️Cover Diaper with aContinue reading “Bumpadum Review”

How we practice infant potty training

Elimination communication is just a 2 step process :  Recognize your baby’s cues or timing Offer the potty  That’s it. When to start? You can start since birth or a wait a few days to get accustomed to your baby people get success by starting late also  How to start? Observe the baby: If youContinue reading “How we practice infant potty training”

How to teach baby to signal for poop

When I was a first time mom I wanted to do everything perfectly for my baby, I know it’s difficult to get anything right with babies the first time. I was practicing elimination communication with TotT when he was a baby. And it was going amazingly well as he was the only one. But outContinue reading “How to teach baby to signal for poop”

Food Aversion in kids

Honestly, the reason to start BLW with BabyZ was my elder one, TotT. He was distracted, force-fed, puree eating kid.⠀⠀My biggest mistake as a mom. Being a first-time mom is tough when you make the wrong choices.⠀⠀TotT always loved veggies, fruits, and crispy stuff. But I tried to force chapati, rice, daliya, and suji, thinkingContinue reading “Food Aversion in kids”

Water For Tabies (6m-12m)

For the heading I searched for sometime what are babies between 6 months to 12 months called. And I found out there is term for it. Tabies. Toddler + babies.⠀⠀Babies before 6 months should drink only breastmilk or formula. No water, no juices, no dilution of formula, nothing else.⠀⠀⠀After 6 months⠀⠀💦 Between 6 – 12Continue reading “Water For Tabies (6m-12m)”

Musical Alphabet

Kids love to paint and dance and be free. They don’t want to learn phonics or alphabet. But with homeschooling, it becomes a necessity to at least keep them in touch with what was already taught in school. I try to think of some fun and easy setups because as you all know I amContinue reading “Musical Alphabet”

Early Weaning

Ever since BabyZ’s first birthday, I started getting DM’s from moms whose babies were almost the same age as him on how to wean a baby from breastfeeding.⠀ ⠀I was not that surprised because I was one of those moms with my first baby. I thought one year was more than enough even when myContinue reading “Early Weaning”