Community Entrepreneurs Program
Community Entrepreneurs Program
This store is part of the “Community Entrepreneurs Program” by The Nestery.
We have been over the last 1.5 years thinking of various ways to give back to the parenting community, while also making the shopping experience of each parent seamless and intuitive.
We thought up the no-brainer.
Allowing parenting community owners to set up a store-front on their own website or on a brand new domain should they not have one.

Who is a parenting community?
We define a parenting community as anyone/group who has the attention of a group of parents. This is not limited to social media. Think broader.

This store is a powered by The Nestery. What does that mean?
This means that every product in this store has been carefully curated by Imperfect Busy Mom for you, her community from the curated catalogue of The Nestery.
The Nestery also manages the process of actually getting the order to you. This means, your order gets the stellar customer service of The Nestery.

So why should communities join this program?
If most of your day already goes in answering, “Where did you buy this?” “What did you do when X situation happened” or the dreaded “Pp”
This is an amazing answer tailor made for you.
1.You can set up your own store-front on your own website
2.You can provide unbiased, curated recommendations to your audience
3.You can monetize your audience in a steady manner through the sales generated from your website

Sounds amazing, sign me up!
We are building our wait-list to create more amazing entrepreneurs in our eco-system. Do sign up at the link given here.

Hey, how do I track my order and reach out to whom in case of any problem with the order?
Reach out to care@thenestery.in. You can track your order through regular whatsapp and email update

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