Animal Blocks DIY

Taha and I were super bored one afternoon. He suggested let’s make a game for Zain. And I was super sleepy and just then Taha pulled out a sticker sheet which we had never used even though we have has them for the last 3 years. And suddenly I remembered why I bought it inContinue reading “Animal Blocks DIY”

How to become a DIY mom

Are you someone like me who has no clue on how to make a project for your kids? Not every mom is a DIY person. But let me share with you it’s not that difficult. I was one of those moms who thought that its not my cup of tea. But once I started makingContinue reading “How to become a DIY mom”

Play ideas for newborns

Play is important for healthy brain development. But what can you do with your little baby? They are so little what would they understand. But these little ones are smart and they enjoy playing.⠀⠀⠀Swipe through to check the ideas your little one will like and No! you don’t need too many expensive toys!⠀

Musical Alphabet

Kids love to paint and dance and be free. They don’t want to learn phonics or alphabet. But with homeschooling, it becomes a necessity to at least keep them in touch with what was already taught in school. I try to think of some fun and easy setups because as you all know I amContinue reading “Musical Alphabet”

Cot Mobiles

Cot mobiles are designed to engage newborns and infants in their cribs or the place they lie down so Mumma’s can relax while the baby enjoys by having something to look at and it also simulates their growing brain. BabyZ has 3 mobiles but his favorite one is the wind chime that his brother, TotTContinue reading “Cot Mobiles”