My Distraction Feeding Journey

As a first time mom, the first meal that I gave Taha was Sooji Kheer and I sang Old McDonald for him, imitating all the animals. Techniques I used to distract feed •Sing Rhymes •Daddy played rattle •Play dough •Books •Learning toys •When nothing worked gave him,  rhymes on mobile phone He opened his mouthContinue reading “My Distraction Feeding Journey”

How to introduce milk to babies

After my last post on animal milk I got a lot of queries on which milk, how much milk and obviously about my little trick. When did we start? After Baby Z turned 15 months  Note :  Animal milk is a replacement to breastmilk not the other way round.  Wait till baby is 12 monthsContinue reading “How to introduce milk to babies”

Animal Milk for babies

Milk! ⠀⠀As soon as the baby is born people start giving tips on how to introduce animal milk. I have so many DMs asking me how to start animal milk for their babies. ⠀⠀First of all, I not a nutritionist. This post is just my take on what I think about animal milk.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀I have started offeringContinue reading “Animal Milk for babies”

Food Aversion in kids

Honestly, the reason to start BLW with BabyZ was my elder one, TotT. He was distracted, force-fed, puree eating kid.⠀⠀My biggest mistake as a mom. Being a first-time mom is tough when you make the wrong choices.⠀⠀TotT always loved veggies, fruits, and crispy stuff. But I tried to force chapati, rice, daliya, and suji, thinkingContinue reading “Food Aversion in kids”

Water For Tabies (6m-12m)

For the heading I searched for sometime what are babies between 6 months to 12 months called. And I found out there is term for it. Tabies. Toddler + babies.⠀⠀Babies before 6 months should drink only breastmilk or formula. No water, no juices, no dilution of formula, nothing else.⠀⠀⠀After 6 months⠀⠀💦 Between 6 – 12Continue reading “Water For Tabies (6m-12m)”

Open Cup for Babies

Did you know that baby can drink from open cup as soon as they start solids? I didn’t know that honestly!⠀⠀With TotT, when we started water at 6 months we gave him water using sippy cup. We had a avent sippy cup which had amazing reviews, but he never understood how to sip from it.Continue reading “Open Cup for Babies”

Water for Babies

Summers are here and you all must have heard that adults require 8-10 glasses of water everyday, but what about babies?⠀⠀⠀Keeping babies hydrated has some considerations. So, how much water does a newborn to 6 month old need? ⠀⠀⠀NO water.⠀⠀⠀Yes, you read it right. ⠀⠀🤱Exclusively breast fed babies don’t need even a drop of water until 6Continue reading “Water for Babies”