Open Cup for Babies

Did you know that baby can drink from open cup as soon as they start solids? I didn’t know that honestly!⠀⠀With TotT, when we started water at 6 months we gave him water using sippy cup. We had a avent sippy cup which had amazing reviews, but he never understood how to sip from it.Continue reading “Open Cup for Babies”

Veg First Weaning

Children and veggies are generally never best friends but we all moms want our kids to be avid vegetable eaters. I am also in the same boat as you all moms and want my kids to eat veggies more. ⠀⠀Babies are born with a preference for sweet food as the breastmilk is sweet in taste. ⠀⠀So, babiesContinue reading “Veg First Weaning”