How to introduce milk to babies

After my last post on animal milk I got a lot of queries on which milk, how much milk and obviously about my little trick. When did we start? After Baby Z turned 15 months  Note :  Animal milk is a replacement to breastmilk not the other way round.  Wait till baby is 12 monthsContinue reading “How to introduce milk to babies”

Veg First Weaning

Children and veggies are generally never best friends but we all moms want our kids to be avid vegetable eaters. I am also in the same boat as you all moms and want my kids to eat veggies more. ⠀⠀Babies are born with a preference for sweet food as the breastmilk is sweet in taste. ⠀⠀So, babiesContinue reading “Veg First Weaning”