How to introduce milk to babies

After my last post on animal milk I got a lot of queries on which milk, how much milk and obviously about my little trick. When did we start? After Baby Z turned 15 months  Note :  Animal milk is a replacement to breastmilk not the other way round.  Wait till baby is 12 monthsContinue reading “How to introduce milk to babies”

Animal Milk for babies

Milk! ⠀⠀As soon as the baby is born people start giving tips on how to introduce animal milk. I have so many DMs asking me how to start animal milk for their babies. ⠀⠀First of all, I not a nutritionist. This post is just my take on what I think about animal milk.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀I have started offeringContinue reading “Animal Milk for babies”