Product Review – Sudocrem

With Baby Z because we do Elimination Communication diaper rashes haven’t been a problem yet. But I remember that once we started with solids for totT when he was a baby he had severe case of diarrhea followed by rashes. My mom bought Sudocrem for us from Dubai as it was recommended by my Masi who is an expert in these things. And it worked wonders for his rash. Just one or two application and he was better. Sudocrem wasn’t available at that time in India. But now thanks to @amazondotin and @firstcryindia it is available easily on these websites.

Sudocrem contains a water repellent base so you don’t need to reapply it after every diaper change (unless pooped). It’s main ingredient is Zinc Oxide which helps in soothing and healing the diaper rash quickly. .
We’ve also used it if totT scraps his knee or for cuts.
I’ve also used it for myself when I used pads and had severe rashes. Now that I’m cupverted it’s not a problem.

It is priced at Rs.750 for 250gms but a small application is enough for little ones so it lasts almost 8-9 months even if you apply it everyday.


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