Open Cup for Babies

Open Cup for Babies

Did you know that baby can drink from open cup as soon as they start solids? I didn’t know that honestly!⠀

With TotT, when we started water at 6 months we gave him water using sippy cup. We had a avent sippy cup which had amazing reviews, but he never understood how to sip from it. On the other hand my mother in law started offering him water from a small steel cup. I was skeptical that it would work. How can a baby drink from open cup, the internet says sippy cups are best!!?⠀

But, he did drink from it. Mother in law-1, internet – 0⠀

So, with BabyZ, we never bought anything. He drinks from an open cup on his own now at 13 months and his munchkin 360 cup (which exactly mimics an open cup) when he is in my bedroom, as he spills water on the floor as soon as he is done. But avoid 360 cup till baby masters open cup. ⠀

Introducing a open cup is fun… okay messy too. But you know us. We like mess. ⠀

Before you start, these tips might help, ⠀

🤪Expect spills : Always put a little water in a small cup. Remember baby gets all his hydration from breast milk. But a few sips at meal time is a good practice⠀

😷Baby might cough : There is nothing wrong with your baby. The flow of water from open cup is faster as compared to breast where they have to suck⠀

⭐My mother in law’s hack : When baby starts coughing blow on his head, I don’t know what’s the connection but he stops coughing instantly. No harm in trying too ⠀

😬Chewing motions : They may not open their mouth in the beginning or they may make “chewing” motions at first – that’s ok – they will quickly figure out how to open their mouth when water comes in⠀

🙄Spill it all : They may want to tilt the cup back too far resulting in spill all over them! That’s also ok!⠀

🐒Model cup drinking : Babies always follow monkey see, monkey do. Pick up a cup, take a sip and say Ahh! at the end to indicate you got the drink.⠀⠀

I hope my small tips will help you. 


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