Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers are a complete cloth diapering system. It is as simple as its name. ⠀

The shell comes with a pocket and you need to put in the insert. ⠀

I am not a very big fan of pocket diapers because I love AIO’s more than them ( just think of it like I like the advanced version better)⠀

But in this series, I am judging all the cloth diapers for you guys to make a decision which type suits you best.

Pocket Diapers

✅Pros of pocket diapers : ⠀

🍀Easy to use ⠀

🍀Quick-drying ⠀

🍀Baby’s bum doesn’t touch the insert. So, a good choice for microfiber inserts⠀

🍀Customizable absorbency: Pocket can be stuffed with 1,2 or 3 inserts according to the need ⠀

🍀Affordable: Usually the cheapest option available in all brands ⠀

❎Cons of pocket diapers : ⠀

🙍Stuffing might seem tedious but once you get a hang of it doesn’t take too long ⠀

🙍Need to remove the insert before washing ⠀

🙍Some pockets don’t come with inserts. So it can be an additional expense ⠀

🙍Not recommended for night time ⠀

We have one pocket diaper for BabyZ that I got via Aliexpress before BabyZ was born to just see how these things look. I use it with a charcoal bamboo insert and we use it day time because it has one of the most beautiful prints that I have in cloth diapers. ⠀

I would like to show my support for our local small businesses and inform you that you can get beautiful prints and fits in cloth diapers from various cloth diaper manufactures like Kindermum, Apple Blossoms, Bumpadum.

Discount Code :

Kindermum : RAHELA10

Apple Blossoms : RAHELA10

Bumpadum : IMBUSYMOM10


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