Savior food list for teething babies

Babies go through different phases in development. The worst one is when they are not eating anything.⠀

Some points to remember about babies are : ⠀

🥇all babies go through slow growth rate after the 1-year mark and hence require less food ⠀

😬they may be teething ⠀

😋babies can regulate their hunger ⠀

😶some kids eat more, some eat less ⠀

🤓you provide food, babies decide how much to eat ⠀

🤦don’t ever force-feed⠀

📵don’t distract feed ⠀

But how do I convince my mom’s heart when my baby is not eating? ⠀

So, I have a list of savior foods that I am giving to BabyZ and I know he will eat in some quantity and he is getting healthy nutrition from them.⠀

🤱Breastmilk: this has helped us all through our no eating phase. I know he is getting his most preferred food and loads of calories ⠀

🦊Makhana: They are rich in proteins and calcium. Just roast them in oodles of ghee. Even if the baby eats a few pieces its enough. And kids usually love them. Also known as fox nuts or lotus seeds⠀

😍Raisins: They are a good source of iron. I prefer to give them soaked  ⠀

🌯Crispy Roti: Crisp the roti on tawa and a layer of ghee ⠀

🍒Fruits: He ate fruits like apple, papaya, and cantaloupe.  

🍌Banana: I know its a fruit but requires special mention as they are full of nutrients⠀

🍅Raw veggies: Tomato and cucumber were my go-to every meal. Rich source of vitamin C⠀

🌽Peas and corn: He loved picking up peas and corn. So I made salads and khichdi with it ⠀

🥚Boiled eggs: This was a breakfast savior, he ate only the egg white.⠀

🎃Pumpkin seeds: Great source of protein and omega 3 ⠀

🍛chickpeas and rajma: High in proteins and are a great source of folate⠀

Some other food ideas

These are the few foods that he has been eating and has kept me sane during his appetite drop. I have also been offering all the regular family meals to him apart from this. And trying to include them on his plate.⠀

Help me and other moms reading this post and tell me your savior food ideas?⠀


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