Dream Feeding

You put your baby to sleep at night. It’s time for you to relax, watch some Netflix. But as soon as your head touches the pillow to sleep.

The baby is awake.

 Yes, all babies do it. But we moms also need some rest and what if I tell you there is a way?

Dream Feed

 A dream feed is feeding is where you feed your baby while he or she is still asleep before you to go to sleep

When can you start?

  • When a baby is around 6-8 weeks
  • You can also start at around 6 months when babies start solids

How do you dream feed?

  • Gently hold the baby in feeding position
  • Try to offer breast by stroking your baby’s mouth.
  • It works best when you master side lying position
  • You can skip burping in most cases because baby doesn’t swallow too much air while feeding in sleep
  • For eg :
    • You put the baby to sleep at 9.30
    • You go to sleep at 11.30 
    • You feed them around that time
    • So if the baby wakes up around 12 
    • They will most likely wake up around 5 or 6 
    • You get around 5-6 hours of undisturbed sleep
  • When it works it wonderful

Why Dream feeding 

  • Baby will sleep longer
  • As baby nurses, while sleeping there will be less distraction
  • Their seep is aligned to your sleep 
  • May help to breastfeed mom’s supply
  • Sleepy half-awake babies are more cranky to feed 
  • If the baby is struggling with less intake during the day, night feed can get extra calories 
  • May help to if you are dealing with nursing strike
  • Can help in weaning formula and nipple shields
  • If baby has been sleeping longer than usual and mom is feeling engorged


  • There are no rules 
  • Do what works best for you and your baby
  • Do not panic if they wake up 
  • Doesn’t hurt to try 
  • Best case: You get more sleep, 
  • Worst case: You wake up when baby demands feed

Always Remember 

  • All babies are different 
  • You are not failing if your baby is not sleeping through the night


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