Educational Apps for Kids

My elder one does have limited screen time and some TV time with the family. Everybody loves cricket, Indian idol, and KBC here. So, that’s like a family routine but in his limited time where he watches the screen alone, I try to keep it educational and fun. So, this is my list of recommended apps and youtube channel that would teach your kids and give you some sanity and a break for while.

  • Dr bionics 
    • fun and reminiscent of Albert Einstein
    • Great quality videos make learning fun
    • a great supplement to other learning material.
    • enjoyable for adults
    • Youtube
  • Ted ED
    • Unique topics 
    • Easy explanations 
    • Accurate Information
    • Youtube 
  • Khan academy kids
    • High-quality content 
    • Variety of learning topics 
    • Easy instructions for kids to understand 
    • The app is available on App Store and Android
  • Moose Math 
    • Teaches
      • counting
      • addition
      • Subtraction 
      • sorting 
      • geometry 
    • A lot of activities 
    • Available on play store and app store 
  • Endless series
    • alphabet 
    • numbers 
    • reader
    • interesting illustrations of monsters 
    • kids can learn a lot of things 
    • Available on App store and Android
  • Lingokids 
    • Our most favorite game to date 
    • English learning app 
    • Songs, rhymes 
    • Paid app but even the free version has a lot of variety 
    • Available on App store and Android
  • Science of stupid 
    • A comedic version of things go wrong by simple mistake 
    • Tv series on NatGeo

I would recommend all these for kids above 4+ years only and for kids below 18m+ screen time should be avoided.

The screen should be avoided at mealtimes.Yes, even an educational one.

Keep a check on what kids are watching .

Try to refrain from too fast singing rhymes, unboxing videos, and some even cartoon videos which have vulgar content 


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